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We love the rare couple that’s willing to take the plunge and that’s exactly what Ryan and Sara did in this combination portrait and trash the dress session.

This beautiful shoot begins with a bit of a disappointing backstory.  Ryan and Sara were married in April 2013 in South Carolina.  “We were not very happy with our actual wedding photo session,” says Sara.  “It was very rushed and we did not love any of the photos. We wanted to recapture the memory in a private, romantic shoot at the beach rather than try to duplicate the wedding day.”

The couple originally met through Sara’s gym.  She says, “My job at the time was looking for some PT help, so I decided to go in and introduce myself and see if anyone was interested in any extra work. Ryan was the PT on staff, and decided to take the job with me. We began working together and have been inseparable ever since.”

Something tells me that they weren’t disappointed by this fantastic shoot by Amy Allen Photography.  (This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Amy’s work and I doubt it’ll be the last.)

This was shot as a combination wedding portrait/trash the dress session at beautiful Fort Fisher Beach with them wearing the exact same attire that they wore on wedding day.

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Random side note: It’s hard to pick up a bride in a saturated wedding dress.  Good work, Ryan!



Photography: Amy Allen Photography


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