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True or false, all weddings must be on a Saturday.  Despite the countless weddings you’ve attended on Saturdays, there is no law or biblical decree that demands you must have your wedding on a Saturday.  In fact, for those counting at home, you have six other options.

There are plenty of reasons to stick with a Saturday wedding.  It fits most schedules the best and that’s the way it’s always done so let’s not rock the boat.

However, there are plenty of reasons to rock the boat (or the venue) and go with a non-Saturday.

Cheaper venues and vendors – Some, but not all, venues and wedding vendors will give a discount if you book them on a non-Saturday.  The thinking for them is that they’re unlikely to book much on non-Saturdays so they’re willing to give a discount to entice you to book them on those dates.  Take the enticement.  You’ll save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

(FYI – The reason that some vendors don’t give non-Saturday discounts is because they work just as hard on non-Saturdays as they do on Saturdays.)

Readily available vendors – This is similar to the previous point.  Vendors are unlikely to book many non-Saturday weddings.  That means you’re more likely to get the ones that are important to you instead of fighting other brides for them and possibly losing out.  This is especially important for vendors who can’t do more than one wedding per day like photographers, planners, and bands/DJs.

Readily available guests – We’ve heard stories about guests being invited to three weddings on the same day and wanting to attend them all.  Moving your wedding back to Sunday could alleviate this problem for your friends and family members in the 20-35 age range.  However, moving your wedding back to Monday could make the problem worse for local guests who now have to take a day off from work.

Day doesn’t matter for travel weddings – We see plenty of destination weddings in Eastern North Carolina and their dates can be fairly flexible.  If the bride, groom, family members, and guests are all traveling in from out of town, does it really matter what day it is?  Everybody is already taking vacation time from work or school so they can be there.  It probably doesn’t make much of a difference whether it’s on a Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday.  This was the case for Frankie and Stephanie in the picture at the top of this article.

Flexibility in honeymoon departure – Lots of Saturday wedding couples will plan to leave for their honeymoon the following day and return the weekend after that so that they only take one week off of work.  That’s a lot of hustle and not a lot of rest.  Going through the wedding day marathon is exhausting enough.  Then try to wake up early the next morning for a cross-country or international flight.  Yuck.

If you have the flexibility and extra vacation time, take two weeks off of work.  You can take a couple days for finishing touches on the wedding, get married on a Tuesday or Wednesday, spend a couple days in town and then leave for vacation without being in a frantic sleepless rush.

More time to spend with out of town guests – Plenty of family members and friends from out of town will turn your wedding into a big vacation, especially if they’re flying in and back out.  This is a great opportunity to see them for more than the passing “thanks for coming” at the reception.  Spend some time with them before the wedding.  Go to dinner with them.  Show them around town.  You can also do this after wedding day if you’re delaying your honeymoon by a couple days.

Now that you have this knowledge, are you going to stick to a Saturday wedding or will you be a rebel and go for a Tuesday?


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