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A pair of really fishy people (sorry, bad joke) came together to have a beautiful, rustic wedding in Washington, NC.

Shane and Ami both work for the State of North Carolina as Marine Fisheries Biologists and they incorporated their love of the outdoors into their wedding.  She says, “Shane and I wanted our wedding to reflect our relationship and also our love for fishing.  We decorated the wedding venue with little mementos of fishing gear: vintage tackle boxes, bait cans, lures, and even the beverages were served out of an old boat.  Shane, his best man Joe, and my dad wore ties with little fish on them and Shane also wore blue fish socks.”

The fish references were far from the only personalization.  There was one more critical one: Ami’s dress.  She says, “I think I just knew all along I wanted to wear her dress.  It’s such a classic style and what better way to honor my mom.  The dress had been preserved right after my parent’s wedding in 1975 and had not been opened since.  I remember I went home right after Shane and I got engaged and my mom took down the box from the top shelf of her closet.  The dress had been in that box for 40 years and we were both anxious to open it, fearing the dress may have yellowed with age.  Opening that box was a special moment for my mom and I. The dress was beautiful and only a few pieces of lace had yellowed on the edges.  My mom said to take the dress and make it my own.  The only modifications I made were adding fabric in the side seams, shortening the full length sleeves to ¾ length, and altering the veil to a comb-style with a flowered tiara.  It was stunning!”

Enjoy Shane and Ami’s Washington, NC wedding!

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The unity ceremony was to make and share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4550EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4557EDITcopy_low

Ami says that she has too many favorite photos to name but that this next one stands out to her.  She says, “The photo that really captures the essence of our wedding is where Shane and I are kissing in front of the Bellefont Plantation House and the sun is shining overhead.  For weeks, the weather forecast had been calling for rain and of course, we were scared we’d have to move the wedding inside—I had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding and it just fit our outdoorsy personalities.  The rain moved in the night before our wedding and lingered into the next morning.  Dark clouds were still heavy overhead as we were getting dressed for the wedding. Who knew that right before the ceremony, the clouds parted to the most magnificent blue sky!  This photo just epitomizes the joyous moment of that day!”

Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4625copy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4716EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4804EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG4881EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG5037EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG5061EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG7670EDITcopy_low Flowers_Staples_Photography_By_TSM_IMG7704EDITcopy_low



Photography: Photography by TSM (Web)

Venue: Bellefont Plantation House

Catering: The Meeting Place

Cake: Debora Hill Cherry

Florals: Linda’s Flowers and Gifts

Hair: Oasis Salon & Spa

Rentals: Grand Rental Station

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