Lynley Bridal Portrait | New Bern Weddings

If we came up with creative names for each of our real shoots, this one would be called something like “The Essence of the Southern Bride.”  Lynley, today’s bride, looks like the ideal Southern bride and she picked the perfect venue to match.  This was shot at a private residence along the Neuse River just outside of New Bern and featured a riverfront view, trees with Spanish moss, and an adorable golden retriever.

Ted and Valerie Wedding | New Bern Weddings

Open Aperture Misc.-246By Bob Mackowski, ECB Content Manager —

Knowing the ins and outs of your venue is important.  That was particularly easy for Valerie and her ceremony venue.  She works there.  She says, “I believe that the Bank of the Arts is one of the most beautiful buildings in town.  The decorative ceilings, skylight, and artwork made for a venue that needed almost no decorations.”