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Tara almost didn’t do a bridal portrait.  She got talked into it.  Now that she looks back on it, she’s glad she did.

She says, “Well I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to include a bridal session. But I decided at the last minute to take pictures in my wedding dress. I am so glad that I did.”

The advice that she was given sounds an awful lot like peer pressure: “Just go ahead and do it.”  Now she’s passing the same advice along to you.  She says, “In retrospect I am glad I had the bridal session done…so just do it.”

One of the reasons that we advocate bridal portraits (and engagement sessions) here at ECB is because it gives you a chance to mix things up a bit.  Tara did that on accident.  She says, “I forgot to wear my crystal belt with my dress on my wedding day. I completely forgot about it when getting ready that day. So I am glad that a have bridal portraits with the belt on to have that memory imprinted in a photo.”

Enjoy Tara’s Greenville, NC bridal portrait!

Tara Bridal-5 Tara Bridal-8 Tara Bridal-11 Tara Bridal-17 Tara Bridal-24 Tara Bridal-27 Tara Bridal-33 Tara Bridal-35 Tara Bridal-40 Tara Bridal-43 Tara Bridal-51



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)


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