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The colors that you choose for your wedding will surround you on your big day.  They’ll be everywhere so put some thought into it and make sure that you like them.

Once you select your colors, it’ll inform a lot of your other decisions.  Bridesmaid dresses. Flowers.  Cake decoration.  Tablecloths and centerpieces.  Venue decorations.  These colors will be all over the place.

But where do they come from?  How do you select these colors?  We put together a list of inspiration sources that you can look toward to select your wedding colors.

Favorite Colors:  Duh.  Pick your favorite colors.  That’s a pretty obvious one but we had to put it on the list so that you didn’t accidentally overlook it.  Next…

What’s Popular Now:  Popular colors go through trends.  Find out what’s trending this year or next year and go with that.  Doing this will help to ensure you have the most modern, contemporary wedding possible.  However, there’s a problem with quickly changing trends like colors.  They’re in one year and out the next.  Your wedding will look trendy when you do it but then it’ll look very dated in the years that follow.

Common Interests:  Examine the common interests that you share and think about if they have certain colors associated with them.  If you’re both into superheroes, and Superman in particular, maybe you should choose Superman’s red and blue.  Most products have colors associated with them too.  If you share a love for Mountain Dew, consider green.

Alma Mater:  Carolina blue anyone?  Every high school and college has school colors.  If you’re passionate about where you went to school, choose them.  This is an especially good idea if this is where you two met.  There are so many strong college ties throughout Eastern North Carolina that it’s likely that you went to one of them.  In fact, you don’t even need to have gone to one of the schools to be a fan of their sports teams so that’s an option too.  (Does anybody actually go to Duke or are they just a basketball team with millions of fans?)

Flowers:  Instead of choosing your flowers based on your colors, maybe you should choose your colors based on your flowers.  If certain flowers are special to you and critical to your wedding day, maybe you should build your color palette around them.  There are all sorts of reasons that flower color would be so important to you that you’d build your wedding around it.  Maybe your significant other bought flowers of this color and type for your first date.  Maybe they’re your late mom’s favorite.  Any reason that’s important to you is a good reason.

Other Details:  If there’s another detail that’s critical and that detail comes in a predetermined color, you could build around that.  For example, you could have pieces of heirloom jewelry from your great grandmother that you can’t go without for your wedding.  The jewelry is turquoise.  There’s your wedding color.  Match everything else to that.

You’ll have wedding colors and they need to come from somewhere.  Hopefully one of these options can provide some source inspiration for you and you can build from there!


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