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The latest, newest trends are always popular. After all, they’re the latest and newest and those things are always popular. They won’t stay that way forever.

This extends to all facets of your wedding day. Your florals. Your photography. Your everything. Have you ever seen the video with 100 years of wedding dress designs? It exists because of trends. The change in styles turned into a fun viral video.

Being trendy isn’t necessarily a problem, you just need to be aware that you might look back at your photos in thirty years with a chuckle.  You know that 80’s hair you see in those photos of your parents?  Your kids might (and probably will) do the same thing to your wedding photos one day.  If you chose that hairstyle because it’s the trendy look this year, hopefully you’ll be able to laugh with them.  If not, then you’ll cringe in horror.

You could also go the opposite route and make timeless selections.  You won’t have to worry about the decisions you made this year going out of style in three years or thirty years.  Timeless is beautiful and classic.  However, that might not be the way to go either.

Instead of choosing the hot trends for the sake of being trendy or choosing timeless options for the sake of being timeless, be true to yourself.  Choose what you want.

If you’re the girl who changes your hair monthly based on whatever this month’s celebrity superstar is doing, then stick with trends.  It’s who you are.  If you’re the girl who sticks with classic makeup styling despite what those 16 year old YouTube stars tell you to do, then stick with traditional choices.  It’s who you are.

It’s your wedding and your celebration.  It should look beautiful to you, your family, and your guests on wedding day.  If you stay true to yourself, it should look beautiful to you in thirty years no matter what.

Your kids still might make fun of your hair though.  It’s what they do.


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