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It’s time to sit down and pick your wedding date.  You probably have some ideas in your head but, without some context, you might just be throwing darts at a calendar.

There’s a common misconception that summer is wedding season.  While that’s true up north, that isn’t the case in Eastern North Carolina.  Sure, we have plenty of summer weddings, but spring and fall are peak seasons for us.

You’ll need to have a rough time of year in mind for your wedding before you sit down with venues and planners.  They’re the first vendors that you’ll hire and you’ll pick your date based on the availability of your venue.

Let’s take a moment to break down the calendar and what each part of the year means for you.


Clint and Lindsey Wedding-431

Spring Season: Late March, April, and May

Popularity:  Super popular.  This is one of the two busy seasons for weddings in Eastern North Carolina.  Weddings typically start the last weekend of March and roll straight through the end of May.

Weather:  Mostly good.  You’ll probably have warm, sunny weather (but always have a rain backup just in case).  The further you get into May, the hotter it’ll be, but this is Eastern North Carolina.  You should expect it to be hot in late spring.

Other Notes:  This is a popular season so make sure that you book your vendors early.  There are plenty of other brides who want to take advantage of the beautiful weather so make sure that you’re at the front of the line.


Kevin and Devon Wedding-439

Summer Season: June, July, and August

Popularity:  Moderately popular.  There are plenty of weddings held in the summer but not as many as spring and fall.  Why not?  Because it’s…

Weather:  …HOT!  Oh, and it’s humid too.  Be prepared to work around potential pop up afternoon showers and/or an evening thunderstorm.

Other Notes:  This is a popular season for teachers to get married because they’re out of school.  It’s critical that you and your guests hydrate all day to avoid becoming an accidental sideshow.  You’ll need to contend with tourists for hotels and beach space.


Daniel and Blair Wedding-352

Fall Season: September, October, and early November

Popularity:  Super popular.  This is the second of the two busiest seasons.

Weather:  Mostly good.  It’s still really hot with a chance of summer storms in early September but it starts to cool off in late September and early October.  Nice weather typically carries into the first weekend or two of November.

Other Notes:  It’s hurricane season, the months of the year that exist to give you wedding-related nightmares.  We haven’t had a significant hurricane in North Carolina for a few years but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.  If you like the mild fall weather but don’t want the worry of a potential hurricane, choose spring.


Chris and Kat Wedding-549

Holiday Season: Mid-November through December

Popularity:  Not popular.  Most brides steer clear of holiday season because there’s so much else going on.  The exception is intentionally planning a holiday-themed wedding with holiday decorations.  Thanksgiving weekend usually gets a few weddings too, not to celebrate the holiday but because everybody is off of work/school and available.

Weather:  Hit or miss.  You might get lucky and hit some good weather but plan to miss it. Staying indoors is the safe option.  Don’t plan on snow because it only snows once or twice a year and usually melts quickly.

Other Notes:  You might have to fight non-wedding events like holiday parties and military balls for your vendors, especially caterers, bakers, DJs/bands, rentals, and venues.



Winter Season: January through Mid-March

Popularity:  Non-existant, just like the seasonal picture that doesn’t appear above this section.

Weather:  Blah.  It’s cold and all of the greenery is dead.  Highs are in the mid-50’s and you can’t even count on any snow.

Other Notes:  Instead of planning your wedding for winter, plan to plan during these months.  Attend bridal shows, many of which occur during this time period, and sit down with vendors to see which ones you want to hire.


Each season has its pros and cons.  Sit down and talk them over with your significant other before proceeding.  Your choice will have a big effect on your wedding day!


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