It’s your wedding.  It’s only happening once.  You need to have the best.  Unfortunately, “the best” costs money, something that you’re seriously lacking.  Cuts will need to be made.

Budgets are a reality for every bride.  Some brides are lucky enough to have that budget set at $200k.  However, for every one of those brides, there are a dozen (or more) working with a budget of $2k.

The Knot reports in their 2015 Real Weddings Study, the most recent available numbers, that the average wedding costs over $32,600.  That number is likely slightly lower for Eastern North Carolina but the fact remains that weddings here cost some serious cheddar.

East Carolina Bride strongly encourages our readers to hire the best professionals available.  That’s part of our mission.  Unfortunately that just isn’t feasible sometimes.  If that sounds like your situation, consider one (or all) of these three options:

Cut back:  Three hours of DJ coverage instead of four.  Two cake tiers instead of three.  Eight hours of photography coverage instead of ten.  You can still have the best, you just get less of it.

Cut down:  David’s Bridal instead of Kleinfeld’s.  Barbecue instead of filet mignon.  Basic ballroom instead of beachfront plantation.  You can still have everything, you just can’t have the best of it.

Cut out:  Completely wave goodbye to your wedding planner, videographer, and photo booth.  These hurt the worst because not only don’t get the best, you don’t get anything.

These cuts are an unfortunate part of life for budget brides.  Reality sets in that there won’t be a wedding shopping spree, that fun dash when you get to pick out everything you want.

Just know that you’re not alone in this.  There are countless other brides in the same boat as you.  You can still have the day of your dreams, you just won’t be shelling out the dollars to make it happen.


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