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Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.  Make this world a better place (for you two) if you can.

(Sorry about the totally random 45 year old Diana Ross lyric reference.  It just kind of happened…)

Perhaps it shouldn’t be just anybody’s hand.  Make it someone specific.  Make it your soon-to-be spouse’s hand.

Many brides are aware of first looks at this point.  For those who aren’t, that’s when a bride and groom see each other in private before the ceremony.  These have been around for a few years now and some brides love them for the special moments they create.

However, there are a good many brides who want to stick with tradition and avoid seeing each before the wedding.  That’s OK too.  This article is for those brides.

You can still have the first look experience without the “look” part of it.  It’s called a first touch.  You two get into position where you can’t see each other, usually around a corner or door, and you can speak to each other and touch hands without seeing each other.  This creates a similar bonding moment.

This is a fantastic photography moment to capture because of the range of emotions that each couple goes through during a few minutes time.  There’s always joy, whether that manifests itself as smiles, laughs, or happy tears.  There’s relief after a morning spent apart.  There’s the anxiety and nervousness of both getting through the wedding and starting a new life together.

The execution of this is fairly uncomplicated.  Make sure that you pick out a location beforehand, either on a previous day or earlier that morning.  Have somebody, possibly your planner, photographer, or a member of your party, facilitate getting both of you in place without seeing each other.  That’s it.

Spend the time talking, laughing, praying.  It’s yours to use as you wish.  Just make sure that you enjoy this private togetherness before you publicly exchange your vows.


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