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It’s time to unite in matrimonial bliss.  But wait!  How can you possibly unite without a unity ceremony?  You know, the symbolic ceremony inside the legally binding ceremony.

You’ve all seen unity ceremonies in weddings before.  The bride and groom do something together to symbolize their new marriage and how it’s an unbreakable bond.

There are some traditional options that you’ve seen before and some new DIY-inspired options that you probably haven’t.  Let’s take a look at a few that we’ve seen, both traditional and original, and see if you can find some inspiration for your wedding.

Ben and Ashley Wedding-341

Candle – You and your groom each have a lit candle that’s then used to light another candle.  Just make sure you don’t do this in a windy location where the candles can blow out.  That’s bad symbolism and an embarrassing situation.

Daniel and Kendall Wedding-194

Sand – You each grab your individual sand jars/vases/vials, usually different colors that have symbolic meaning, and pour them into one larger vase/jar/glass box.  The grains of sand, like your love, are inseparable.  We’ve also seen additional colors mixed in for children in the new marriage and for religious meaning.

Jon and Jenn Wedding-320

Knot – You’ll each have a piece of rope that you’ll tie together, usually in some type of nautical/sailor’s knot.  Make sure you don’t forget how the knot is supposed to be tied.  The guys never seem to remember (they’re guys) so it’ll probably be up to you.

Alejandro and Hadley Wedding-354

Handfasting – There are a few different ways to do this but they all have a similar meaning.  Holding hands with your new spouse, your officiant can either wrap a cloth or rope around your hands, signifying that you two are now tied together.

Clint and Lindsey Wedding-201

Plant/Tree – The growing plant or tree symbolizes the growing of your relationship and your love.  It’s great if you’re able to plant this into the ground where it’ll grow.  If you can’t because your venue won’t allow it, which will probably be the case, you can transplant it into a different pot with the intention of planting it at a later time.

Don’t feel obligated to do a unity ceremony at your wedding.  It isn’t necessary.  However, it’s a great way to customize your wedding and hopefully this list can give you a few ideas!


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