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To misquote anthropologist Margaret Mead,”…You want your wedding to be absolutely unique, just like everyone else’s.” This is why you must have a theme that screams only YOU (two)…or not.

To the uninitiated (most likely your fiancé) the concept of a wedding theme must be carefully explained or else how will he know that a country chic wedding would only have mason jars never pilsner glasses for the beer of choice.

The wedding theme you choose may be as simple as the colors you select for your bridal party’s attire, their flowers, and the linens at the reception. Or it can be as involved as going full Star Wars with his dad in the Darth Vader outfit; this is especially effective if your betrothed is named Luke.

Wedding themes can reflect the time of year (season or holiday), the location (beach, mountains, train station), or an attitude (country, classic, bling, broke). Your theme could be balloons with you either getting married in a hot air balloon high above your guests or leaving your reception as if you were escaping from Oz.

If you choose to create a theme, decide how deep you want to go with it. For instance, with a color, like plaid, you may decide that all the groomsmen will wear madras jackets (or kilts), the bridesmaids will have matching sashes, the dads’ bow ties will be plaid with their traditional dark suits or tuxedos, and the moms will have wrist corsages with subtle plaid bows. That might be enough to get your fix and feel that you have the right to trademark your design.

If you want to go further, you can put plaid bows on the church pews and floral arrangements. You can toss plaid into a bunting on the head table. You can have your get-away car wrapped in tartan, and even have your stationary somehow reflect your love of the perpendicular rainbow. It is your wedding and your theme, so you can do what you like.

Try to keep your theme consistent. If you decide to go with glamorous crystal and bling for an evening soiree and then have a pig roast at the reception it might be a little upsetting if any barbeque sauce is dripped on the satin or silk chiffon frocks.  Or if you plan to have a beach or woodsy wedding, please don’t expect that Black Tie is the right choice for the wedding guests and participants when what they need is a comfortable outfit that will travel well to the wedding site and back.

If you can’t think of a theme for your special day, don’t stress about it. Contrary to the wedding industry you don’t really have to have one. It is one of those things that the fashion folks come up with so that you will feel compelled to buy things like adorable chalkboards or buckets of pearls and crystals to make your wedding perfectly you.

Last century the theme of your wedding was getting married. The colors were only a question for the bridesmaids and the answer was “matching.”  You may have other things that you feel are more important than choosing between teal and turquoise so don’t fret if you can’t identify your wedding in a two word catch phrase.

And again, if Halloween Howl, Evening Enchantment, Diving In, or Beach Bonfire floats your boat go for it. This is your wedding and with any luck you only have to do this once, so make it the way you want it. Create a theme that is perfectly unique for the two of you; unlike anyone else.


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