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When you walk down the aisle, you’ll look stunning in your white dress with perfect hair and makeup.  You probably didn’t wake up like that.  Your hair and makeup need to be done and you need to get dressed.  (Unless you slept in your wedding dress… weirdo.)  Where does this happen?

You have a few options to choose from.  Let’s take a look at the choices while examining these important deciding factors: proximity to venue, space, beauty, and practicality.

The Venue

This is certainly the easiest and cheapest option.  Wherever you get ready, it needs to be close to your venue.  No place gets closer to the venue than inside the venue.

Josh and Crystal Wedding-149Many wedding sites offer a spot to prepare but the quality of these can vary widely.  Most churches have offices, schools or daycares attached to them and they’ll offer them to you for free or cheap.  You can have that space all to yourself but they usually aren’t the most beautiful space to be photographed.  Rocking horses and board games are good quality fun when entertaining children but they aren’t fun on wedding day.  Then again, churches can have large rooms that offer more space than you can imagine.

Non-church venues that include prep space usually put effort into making sure they’re pretty.  If your venue that’s dedicated to weddings offers a spot, take it.  It’ll have a bathroom, mirrors, and preferred comforts.

Your Home

Mark and Kerri Wedding-66There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home… unless you have a huge bridal party.

Your house is certainly a cheap option.  It’s not like you have to pay anybody a fee.  Do you have enough space for yourself, your makeup artist, your hair stylist, your photographers, your bridesmaids, your flower girl, your parents, and your flower girl’s parents?  Do you want all of these people in your house?

Most importantly, if you get ready at home, your home must be fairly close to the venue.  Let’s estimate a 15 minute drive, tops.  You don’t want to sit in your car/limo/party bus for an hour in your dress.

A Hotel Room

Robbie and Kasi Wedding-83This is a particularly popular option for brides.  You can spread your stuff across the beds, the desk, and any other flat surface in sight without having to worry about picking up every bottle and napkin.  Space is a concern once again but, if you have too many people, you can rent an additional room.  This one costs extra money, unlike the first two options, but it could be money well spent.  You have a bathroom right there and mirrors spread around the room.

The best part is all of the options.  You can get a hotel room anywhere so, unless you make a dumb choice, you’ll be close to your venue.


Let’s a quick run through a few options that are similar to one or more of the options above:

Bed and breakfast: Like a hotel but more homey and less corporate.

Rental house: Beach rentals are particularly popular with travel brides getting married at the beach.  Lots of space.

Friend’s house: Like your own house but not yours and free (unless your friend is charging a rental fee… jerk).

Other rental space: Separate rental space near your venue like a lodge.

So, now that you’ve seen the options, where are you getting prepared on wedding day?


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