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It’s important that you like and get along with the vendors that you hire for your wedding.  Think of them like invited guests, except, you know, you’re paying them to be there.  And they’re working the whole time.

AMA_8861You’ll see and interact with some of your vendors throughout wedding day, even more so than a lot of your guests.  A few of these include your photographer, wedding planner, venue representative, band or DJ, officiant, makeup artist, hair designer, photo booth, and videographer.  They’re there to make your day go and they’ll be around for most or all of it.  If you don’t like these people, you’ll be irritated at best, miserable at worst.  Can you imagine being surrounded by people on your wedding day that make you miserable?

There is a second group of vendors that you won’t see much on the day of your wedding but you’ll have plenty of interaction with them leading up to it.  These include your florist, cake baker, caterer, transportation, rentals, and caterer.  Planning your wedding is stressful enough, now add in trading phone calls and emails with people who drive you nuts.  You already have to do that with your crazy family so don’t add crazy vendors to it.

Daniel and Blair Wedding-7When you sit down for a consultation with a prospective vendor, you should figure out first if they’ll do a good job and second how well you mesh together.  Ask them questions and then listen to their answer and how they give their answer.  Do your personalities mesh?  Are they too serious or too casual?  Do they seem annoyed to see and speak to you?

It should be noted that we’re very much in favor of hiring professionals here at ECB.  That means that you shouldn’t assign your friend to do a job just because you like them.  Your vendors must be able to do their job and do it well for you to pull off a successful event.  If they don’t that’ll just make you mad, even more than dealing with them being irritating.  Looking back on your bad photos will mean a lifetime of irritation.

Hire pros that you like.  You’ll thank us later.


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