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Today’s guest post comes to us from Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web).

You put so much effort into selecting your details.  It would be terrible if the only place you got to see them again was in your memory.

Professional wedding photographers make it a point to capture as many of your details as possible.  Sometimes brides understand why, sometimes they don’t.

The main reason is so that you remember what your wedding details looked like.  Memories fade.  While you’ll remember what your bouquet looked like next month and next year, you won’t remember vividly after ten or twenty years.  The other reason is that you might not see them before they’re used or, because the day is such a whirlwind, you might not see them at all.  What a bummer to put in so much work and then not get to appreciate the payoff!

These details can be grouped into two big groups.  The first is all of the details that you wear or carry.  We’re talking about your dress, jewelry, florals, etc.  You’ll get to see these without a problem but you’ll still want the memories preserved in photos.

Here are some of the details that fit into this pre-ceremony group:

Dress Before It’s Worn:  Your photographer should be able to hang it in a nice location and get a photo of it looking amazing.  You’ll have plenty of pictures of the dress while you’re wearing it but this is the only chance to get it when you’re not.

Accessories:  This group includes everything that you wear like shoes, jewelry, garters, and more.  If the guys have any personalized details like ties or cufflinks, they’ll fall into this group too.

Rings:  Really neat stuff can be done with rings to make an artistic image of them.  This can be difficult for a photographer to get if the rings are in totally separate places but it’s a nice keepsake.

Florals:  Your bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres all look amazing in photos.  They’ll deteriorate as soon as people put hands on them, especially if they’re rough with them, so they should be captured first.

The second major group includes the details that could get messed up before you see them or you could completely miss them.  These details are located at the ceremony and reception.

Here are some of the details in the ceremony and reception group:

Venue:  Of course you’ll see your ceremony and reception venues.  You’re getting married there!  What you want is a big, wide shot of the venue after setup is complete and before people start to arrive.

Ceremony Details:  This group includes the altar, aisle decorations, unity ceremony details, and more.  It’s every detail in the ceremony.  Usually there aren’t too many but you still want to see them.  Your guests will get there and promptly knock your aisle decorations off of seats and use programs as hand fans.

Reception Details:  There are a ton of reception details and it took you a lot of time and brainpower to get them together.  We originally had each of these items listed separately and the list was overwhelming so we condensed it under one general title.  Some examples are your centerpieces, cake, cake topper, food, favors, guest book, and plenty more.

Finally, there’s one more group that falls under both pre-ceremony and ceremony/reception:

Anything Personalized:  This is the south.  Brides will monogram and embroider anything that doesn’t move.  If it’s personalized, you’ll want to see it again in the future.

Professional wedding photographers know that this is part of the job and (hopefully) you shouldn’t need to provide them with a list of details to capture.  Professional photographers who don’t normally shoot weddings and non-professional photographers probably won’t remember to get these photos.  This list could help them or, better yet, you could just hire a true professional wedding photographer and they’ll know how to do the job without instruction.

No matter which photography route you follow, make sure that these details get captured so that you can appreciate them years down the road.

Bob Mackowski, CPP is an internationally published Certified Professional Photographer and the owner of Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web).  He’s also the owner of East Carolina Bride.


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