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You will spend many hours working to make your wedding celebration an absolutely perfect confection of solemn vows and joyful celebration, but be warned that odd things happen that might take a tiny bit of the sparkle away from your party if you are not prepared. 

Imagine that you are going on a very formal one day camping trip so that you pack the essentials to avoid and conquer any mishaps. You’ll need things that are just for you and very nearby, as in within arm’s reach of your MOH. You will need other things to support you and your bridal crew in the event of minor mishaps. And you’ll need a little something in the powder room to make everyone comfortable.

Let’s start with the Bridal Vitals – these are neatly tucked in a dressy purse always near you:

  1. Handkerchief and Tissues – for mopping mascara from happy tears and catching sniffy noses.
  2. Lipstick – don’t ever leave home without it. You can also go with lip balm.
  3. Breath Mints – pop one before you head down the aisle and as you start to circulate through your guests. Minty breath will enhance your sweet smile.
  4. Cash – Not enough to make a run for it, but enough to grab a cold drink from a vending machine.
  5. Snack – non-chocolate granola bar or some nuts to prevent you from swooning.
  6. A Straw – so you can sip your water without smudging your lipstick or dribbling on your dress.

The Team Kit – a bigger bag with just in case items just for you and your girls:

  1. Emergency/Travel Sewing Kit – with thread to match your gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses
  2. Baby Powder – keeps the chafe away. Sprinkle it before you dress and then make a quick pit stop between the wedding ceremony and the reception to regain your cool.
  3. Make-up Refresher kit – foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blotting tissues will all be appreciated to keep you picture perfect. Q-tips and makeup remover are also helpful for editing those minor mistakes. And remember a magnifying mirror (10X) so that you can see what you’re doing without your glasses.
  4. Eye Kit – Contact wearers need their kits, but everyone can benefit from having some eye-drops handy to get the red out from the happy tears or from tearing it up the night before.
  5. Unmentionables – an extra pair of panties or panty hose, better to have them than not!
  6. Deodorant – you want to stay fresh all day, this will help.
  7. Superglue – to fix the heel on your shoe and just about anything else.
  8. Double-sided Dress Tape – to keep your dress in place and your reputation intact.
  9. Hair Repair – keep that brush and comb, some spray and hair pins handy for touch ups and re-dos to your hairdos!
  10. Dental Floss/Picks – Let’s keep the spinach out of the picture.

The Powder Room Stash– A basket of thoughtful things to help everyone enjoy the day:

  1. Tampons/panty liners – Someone is going to need them.
  2. Moleskin or Friction Stick – to ward off pesky dancing blisters
  3. Nail Kit – clear polish, a file, and pair of clippers for that inevitable broken nail.
  4. First Aid Kit – Your venue should have a real one available for the big stuff, but a kit with some Band-Aids, an antiseptic, a pain reliever, an allergy med, and some antacids could bring a lot of comfort to your team and your guests.
  5. Stain Remover Pen – When the seltzer and blotting technique won’t work.

Last but certainly not least, the Groom and his crew could also use a little help:

  1. Lint Roller – to grab those fuzzy things off their jackets
  2. Deodorant – somebody forgot
  3. Razor – again, somebody probably forgot. Try to catch him before the ceremony.
  4. Eye-drops – They were partying last night too you know.
  5. Analgesics – Same as above.
  6. Snacks – Guys always need something to eat. Avoid messy chocolate or greasy foods. Provide them with protein bars or nuts.

You are planning a great celebration and the added attention to prevention and correction of minor mishaps will make you confident that the day will go almost completely as planned.


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